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Public Art – Metro car breaking out of the ground – Csákberény

The subway car breaking out of the ground – this is the title of the work, because that’s how it is. It was made according to the plan of Ildikó Zsemlye and was inaugurated in May 2016 on the outskirts of the settlement.

But two years before that, in 2014, the car was parked there – at that time, of course, there was no installation, it was just standing on the outskirts of the village, and no one knew how this mysterious subway car could have gotten there, the local man said. There was also a joke that “Budapest’s subway M4 would have come this far” and stuff like that, but in this village they just laughed.

Then the design, earthwork and construction of the installation began. It was then declared that the work was a symbolic spectacle, it could even symbolize the rise of the nation.

After all, a subway car, which had to exist deep in the dark, is finally coming out of the ground.

Photo taken with Tamron 17-28/2,8 and Sony Alpha 7R Mark III

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4 Responses

  1. Paquerite sagt:

    I know I have said it before and I will say it again, I love your work and your look, you are talented!
    Thank you Dirk😚

    1. Many thanks and i truly appreciate your compliments.

      1. Paquerite sagt:

        What I like is that you achieve what is expected of an artist a lot, let me explain:
        An artist to touch, must say something.
        And your photos always say something fair, strong, and very aesthetic.
        Well done Dirk !

        1. Well, Corinne, we all who display our own work in whatever way to others just try to express something. It might be a feeling, an opinion or a certain mood we are in; we do this in many ways, for instance with writing, painting, composing music or simply dancing. My way is photography and post-editing. Esthetics or how we move or touch people often depends on connection people built. Might be we are in the same mood, get touched by similar musics or simply a photograph. I always go out and take my photographs with the true intention to show my work publicly and i try to transmit a little story, a situation, my mood or just a single moment and i always have the post processing in mind the second i press the shutter.

          This photograph for example was clearly taken to underline its title „Metro car braking of the ground“ – means „from dark to light“. Therefore the front of the car had to be very bright and the surroundings pretty dark. I come across this place maybe twice a year and that very day in the morning the light situation did not fit well but in the afternoon with rain clouds and sunshine I was able to take the photo; rest was done in post editing. Yes, there’s drama, there’s is strength – and it is needed to get car off the ground.

          We are all artist, no matter what we do and how we do it as long as it suits us well.
          Many Thanks Corinne.

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