mit den augen sehen, mit licht malen
mit den augen sehen, mit licht malen

leo the cavapoo

A Cavapoo also known as Cavadoodle is a breed mix of King Charles Cavalier Spaniel and Poodle. Usually they are know as kind and family friendly, and no wonder they do not make a good watch dog, because they assume everyone as a friend of them.

Ours does not much know about his breed specific behavior pattern and behave like a wild one, but still he is the center of our family and everybody loves him.

We got him in August ´21 from a Breeder in Püspökladány, Hungary and he ended up living with us now in Germany.

Photo taken with Nikon Nikkor 4/200mm AI-s and Sony Alpha 7R Mark III
F5.6, 1/20th of a sec, handheld, ISO 1600

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