mit den augen sehen, mit licht malen

Sie ignorieren alle Regeln: Kein Masken, nicht genügend Abstand, Anzahl von Haushalten deutlich überschritten, Maximale Personenzahl für Feierlichkeiten, selbst der Besitzer des Restaurant konnte dieser Gruppe nicht widerstehen.

Gesehen im Aussenbereich eines Restaurants an der Donaupromenade in Szentendre, Ungarn.

Foto aufgenommen mit Sony FE 24-105/4 G OSS an Sony Alpha 7R Mark III

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  1. Paquerite sagt:

    Dear Dirk,
    Thank you for this photo which is a way to support restaurateurs and to immortalize this very sad period …
    I am engraved on glass and crystal, and my clients are winegrowers and restaurateurs …
    I do not hide from you that I am very sad for the bars, restaurants, nightclubs, drink distributors who are dying with their mouths open …
    Good day and well done for your image

    1. Corinne, I am fully with you and I actually loved the idea of the restaurant owner and we miss having good times and good meals. I hope they all can rise again after this terrible crisis that affects all of us in many aspects of our lives. cheers Dirk

      1. Paquerite sagt:

        Occasionally allow me to share this image ,?
        I will bring up your blog and I will make a comment in the vein of the one I left you with the difference that I will add that working for these professionals I am doubly distressed by the blocking of their activities.
        I engrave glass and crystal for wine châteaux (Bordeaux, Burgundy and Champagne) and great restaurants.
        thank you very much

        1. I would feel honored if you do so. You are very welcome.

          1. Paquerite sagt:

            Please don’t feel honored, you are very talented !!
            I will give a sign as soon as I turn your photo into an article, I tell you, I think within a day or two.
            I find it very appropriate with this period when normally all restaurateurs should be overwhelmed with customers …
            thank you very much Dirk

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