public Art – mihály kolodko – new mini-statue in budapest

Mihály Kolodko placed a new mini-statue in Budapest. The work depicts Franz Joseph sitting in a hammock on the Freedom Bridge.

With this sculptor he connected past and present of the bridge.

On the one hand, the statue may be an indication that the Danube crossing was handed over in honor of the ruler of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy on October 4, 1896, in his presence, named after him. It was renamed the Freedom Bridge on August 20, 1946. The hammock may have been included in the composition due to the Szabihíd initiative. The free series of cultural events, which provide an opportunity to use the Freedom Bridge on foot and aim to bring people closer to the city and the river, has been co-organized with the Metropolitan Municipality and the City and River Association for years.

The sculptor previously placed a mini-Rubik’s cube and a member of the Simpson family in the city, among other things, but the artist also owes the guerrilla statue of the big ho-ho-ho angler and the checkered-eared rabbit. The artist’s works were so popular that someone even took the mini-tank erected near Batthyány Square with them, but the statue of Elek Kolodko Mekk also disappeared. Both were replaced by the creator. The artist created the legendary scene of Dirty Fred, the captain, in Rijeka, Croatia last summer.

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