mit den augen sehen, mit licht malen
mit den augen sehen, mit licht malen

Visegrádi Fellegvár – Visegrád Castle

The Citadel is not the first castle that was built here. The first castle was built on Sibrik hill, on the foundations of the former Roman camp, and was destroyed during the Tatar invasion. The double castle system in Visegrád was built around 1250-1260 by IV. King Béla and his wife, Queen Mária Laszkarisz, from the queen’s dowry. The castle consisted of fortification walls surrounding the mountain peak, two towers and a residential palace. In later times, King Róbert Károly, who moved the capital here, expanded the castle, and the famous royal meeting took place here in 1335. The castle was further modernized during the reign of Sigismund of Luxemburg, and it is believed that this is when the so-called „lady’s house“ was also completed.

The Upper Castle was connected to the Lower Castle by a valley wall, which ran all the way to the banks of the Danube and ended there in a watchtower. The medieval road from Esztergom to Buda led along the valley walls, closed by the gate tower in the north and a gate in the south

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