morning winter

Fog and Morning light are fighting to overtake the fields. I am sure at the end sun will win. Photo taken with Sigma Art 1.4/40mm […]


in black and white photo taken with Nikon Nikkor 2,5/105mm AI-s and Sony Alpha 7R Mark III

leo the cavapoo

A Cavapoo also known as Cavadoodle is a breed mix of King Charles Cavalier Spaniel and Poodle. Usually they are know as kind and family […]

kis bolt – hungarian little shop

Little shops like this can be found in Budapest everywhere and anywhere. Small businesses use them to sell any kind of goods and services, like […]

poppy flowers in the castle’s backyard

Winter Sunday afternoon in Budapest’s Castle backyard. Folks relaxing in the sun and some poppy flower defying the existence of winter’s cold. Photo taken with […]